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Walls Ribbons Roads
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Architectural Walls, Windows and Doors

The Technical tools palette has a full complement of Wall tools. You can specify the thickness and fill characteristics. They are drawn with a single stroke. There are interactive controls for defining the end form of the elements. Both orthogonal and a free form that can be drawn at angles are provided.

Auto - Mate

The wall elements automatically snap together and "mate-up" to form proper corner shapes of your choosing. When snapped, they form integrated shapes. If drawn in a clock-wise sequence, dimensions can be attached and assigned to report interior or exterior dimensions.

As Roads

These two-walled graphics are used to represent road on maps where more detail is desired. The auto-snapping represents intersections perfectly. They are not limited with respect to number of approaching roads to an intersection or their angle; and all is automatic.


These tools draw 2-dimensional flat ribbons that follow any Bezier master path. These elements are quite useful artistically for general illustration tasks, they accept transvers and longitudinal gradients. The join and cap forms are completely under user control, this makes these elements a generalized "path of a path" with outline and fill.

Gradients - Along or Across

Multi-color gradient fills may be applied to walls and ribbons. Notice the blue and yellow ribbon in the screen shot, it has a gradient applied across the ribbon. Gradients may be applied along a wall or ribbon as well (not shown).

Arrow Ends

Many of the EazyDraw Arrow shapes may be applied to the end of these wall-ribbon-road graphics. The arrow shape is drawn integral with the end-cap of the graphic. Easy to use, integrated with the Arrow palette and Arrow convenience menus.

Mate 4-inch walls to 6-inch walls

The auto snap/mate function has provisions for full manual over-ride of a connection. This provides a simple method to place and mate two walls of different thickness such as when a 6 inch exterior wall joins a 4 inch interior element. Simply close the end of each wall, they will still "Snap", but the mate-match of wall thickness is blocked.

Inside and Outside Dimensions

The wall graphic elements work with EazyDraw's dimensioning tools to provide control over exact dimension locations with respect to the interior or exterior of the represented wall. By drawing clock-wise (each wall has an indicated start and end orientation) the ID / OD dimensioning is logically assigned.

Plumbing, Pipes and Fluid Flow Diagrams

These graphics are the perfect schematic representation of pipes and hoses. The auto-snap/mate capability makes it easy to represent a detailed piping diagram. The Additions Pack has a hydraulic / fluid flow library that is useful for these applications.

Useful for hose coverage analysis, such as needed for fire plans. Auto-Dimension with a report dimension to see a live interactive report of lengths.

Interactive or Numeric Controls

TecMost of the specifying parameters for walls and ribbons are available on-screen as interactive controls. The Walls parameter palette (lower right in the screen shot) is available for inspection or specification of wall parameters with popup menus and numeric entry fields.

Download demo for macOS Sonoma through Big Sur. Support tab for older versions of macOS.

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