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Math Function Curves
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Curves that follow defined equations

The math tool set lets you draw curves that are defined by common mathematical functions like parabolas, exponentials, sine waves, and many others (40 variations in all). The tool set is shown on the screen shot- the 4 x 10 tool palette upper left of the drawing area.

Many uses - even if you are not a geometry teacher

These are the equations and proportions of nature. For example the Hyperbolic Cosine (the light blue curve shown near the top of the screen drawing) is the equation for the shape of a free hanging uniform cable. It is called the Catenary Curve, Notice how its use gives the simple sketch realistic look of a suspension bridge.

Axis Tools

Special graphic tools available for drawing axes tick marks and labels. The tick mark tool encapsulates several interactive controls to make it easy to get a desired appearance and look, even two log scale presentations. Separately draw and configure labels for the chart. Your chart labels have the full OS X font and font-face interface for quality presentation graphics as you would expect on your Mac. Easily adjust the spacing, orientation, tilt, and more.

See these tools at the bottom left of the Technical tool palette, which is at the upper right in the screen shot.

Grid Tools

Two available. One draws free form rectangular grids with numerical or interactive adjustment of spacing. The other draws an interlocked hexagonal (honey-comb) grid which has adjustment for spacing tilted axis and extension adjust for snow-flake or a iso-triangular grid. Many uses, including game charting.

See these tools at the bottom right of the Technical tool palette, which is at the upper right in the screen shot.

Dashed Lines

This screen shot shows the Dashed Line palette. Use one of the "built-in" dash sequences or easily create your own. Notice that the dashed line may have two colors, not just "Color-and-Blank-Space", this was a widely requested capability introduced with EazyDraw version 6.

Easy to create, orient, and edit

These elements are created, sized, and oriented with one mouse motion, click-drag-click just like our rotated oval. Compare this with the effort required to draw the heart beat waveform shown below using free hand techniques. When appropriate additional control handles are provided for direct on screen interactive editing of the precise shape and configuration of the curve. Our graphic-details drawer (shown in the screen shot to the right of the drawing canvas) is always available for exact numerical specification of the curve.

Parabola, y = x**2

Centered, Plus, Minus, Adjustable.

Cubic, y = x**3

Normal, mirrored, plus and minus.

Quartic, y = x**4

Centered, plus, minus and adjustable.

One Over X, y = 1 / x

Centered, plus, minus and adjustable.

Fifth Order, y = x**5

Normal and mirrored.

Natural Exponential, y = e**x

The geometric growth curve, normal and mirrored.

Natural Logarithm, y = ln(x)

Normal and mirrored.

Tangent, y = tan(x)

Normal and mirrored.

Hyperbolic Sin, y = sinh(x)

Normal and mirrored.

Hyperbolic Tangent, y = tanh(x)

Normal and mirrored.

Hyperbolic Cosine, y = cosh(x)

Catenary, the suspension bridge curve - adjustable.

Inverse Quadratic, y = 1 / (x**2)


Lorentzian Peak

Quantum Probability Curve, adjustable.

Gaussian Peak

Bell Shaped Probability Curve, often called the Normal Distribution, adjustable.

Sin X over X, the Fourier Transform Pulse

Fourier Transform (or heartbeat) Pulse, adjustable.

Intersecting Radii

American Football Shape.

Periodic Waveforms

Square Wave, Sawtooth Wave, Triangle Wave, Square Pulse.

Trigonometric Waveforms

Sine Wave, Absolute Value of Sine Wave, Sine Cubed Wave, Absolute Value of Sine Cubed.

Download demo for macOS Sonoma through Big Sur. Support tab for older versions of macOS

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