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Scientific Figure
Scientific Figure Example
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Full compliment of export formats

Export your design to any of todays graphic formats, vector and bitmap. These formats are defined standards for all computer platforms, not just Mac. This includes operating systems, both desk-top and mobile, and the world wide web.

The screen shot above shows the export sub-menu. Exporting is allowed even if you are using a Sand-boxed App Store version of EazyDraw.

Extensive PDF support

Your vector graphics will look crisp at any zoom, on any platform when you Export to PDF. Multi-page pdf, large-format pdf blue prints - not a problem.

PNG web graphics

PNG is the primary format for graphics on the web. Export with transparency. Design to precise pixel size specifications.

The screen shot shows the Page Setup palette. This is normally where apps interface your printer technology. EazyDraw generalizes this concept with a selection of virtual electronic printers.

The screen shot shows the designer preparing a scientific figure for use on the Web - notice the "Printer" selection is "Web Publish" and the page size is expressed in Points (the export is then set to 72 dots per inch, which conveniently equates one pixel to one Point).

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

SVG has been around for a while. but now it is well supported by all the major web browsers. It is very exciting technology.

At the bottom of this web page we have included the result of the screen shot's design project. On the left is a traditional PNG bitmap web graphic, on the right is the SVG. Scroll down and use your browser's zoom to check out the quality of each.

And we have not "cheated" with the comparison - the PNG graphic on the left is provided at dual resolution, so if you are on a Retina display the PNG on the left is delivered at "@2X" quality. The PNG at the bottom is not supporting Retina. This naturally is sounding "scary advanced", but this is not difficult to do with EazyDraw. In fact, SVG integration with HTML is much easier than managing traditional bitmap images.

EazyDraw supports calibrated sizing at both 100 DPI and 72 DPI SVG (import and export). The Mac standard for this setting is 72 DPI. A few platforms may require 100 DPI for proper size calibration.

Export DXF

Exchange your plans with builders, architects, and regulatory agencies with DXF drawing format. DXF is the standard format for exchanging drawings between CAD programs on any operating system. EazyDraw supports both import and export of DXF.

Export ICO

ICO, a traditional Windows bitmap - multi- representation format. You have a great deal of control over the file/image configuration when exporting to ICO from EazyDraw.

This format is used to generate FAVICON images needed for the address bar of your web site. The export is full "professional" grade with support for color tables and color space management as well as background transparency.


Web - Hex colors are supported with WebColorPicker plugin that integrates well with EazyDraw . Exact numeric definition of colors is important when exporting bitmap graphics for use on a website. Color tables are provided for the standard CSS colors and other standards required for use on Windows or the Web.

Process Colors

EPS and TIFF exports support RGB, CMYK, and Gray-Scale process colors. These are important for pre-press preparation for professional printing, such as a printed brochure or magazine copy. These work flows often require a TIFF export at high resolution (600 DPI for example) - not a problem for EazyDraw.


EazyDraw has a one-click setting for FAVICON generation using the ICO export. This coordinates the required color tables and multiple-image sizes. The automation is a big help to easily get all the parameters exactly correct, as they must be for your FAVICON to work properly with all browsers and platforms.

Download demo for macOS 10.13 and newer. Click support tab for older versions of macOS.

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PNG vs SVG Comparison
space holder SVG PNG Comparison
PNG, with @2x Retina support SVG
SVG PNG Comparison
PNG, without Retina support
Warning Firefox does not support Retina display at this time.
On Firefox the two PNG images will be the same.
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