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Iconset Retina Display
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Retina Graphics

EazyDraw is a vector drawing program, so high quality (5k) content is a natural. Use a virtual electronic printer and establish the precise "@2x" dimensioned pair of drawings. Export to PNG, TIFF, or both if needed. XCode will merge the exported images and provide your Retina users with the crisp user interface graphics they are expecting.

Iconset support

Choose "Iconset" as your virtual electronic printer. EazyDraw does all the tedious file generation and coordination, so you can focus on the design of your icons. Easily visualize your design for each individual icon. Independently apply the small tweaks that will give your icon that finished and refined look. Then export the folder with all 10 images directly to your xCode assets with one click (and no-typos). The screen shot above shows the source drawing for a full Mac App Iconset, 5 images on the left for standard resolution and 5 images on the right side for Retina-high resolution (the "@2x" side) images. EazyDraw Help has all the details and design tips for creating your icon and getting it integrated with xCode and your App.

Virtual Pre-Press Printers

EazyDraw provides several virtual electronic printers for web publishing or App development. This choice disconnects the printer and lets you set image size precisely in natural units (Points, mm, or inches). The virtual electronic printers provide common defined "paper sizes". In the screen shot above notice the choices for the App Developer virtual printer.

4k, 5k, Retina Web Graphics

Generate high resolution "@2x" image pairs for export to PNG, JPG, or TIF. Maximize the information content and clarity of your web graphics by generating "@2x" image pairs. Export the dual image sets to PNG, JPG, or TIF for direct integration on your web-site. EazyDraw has all the tools and controls needed to provide the exact match the image pair.

If you happen to be on a dual screen system, with one screen high resolution - slide this web page to alternating screens, note the "Download" button up and to the left or large screen shot image at the top of the page. See "image swap". Both graphics were designed and generated with EazyDraw with dual resolution support.

Design at Scale

After setting up the virtual web or icon printer, set drawing units to precise Points. Note that a "pixel" is not a defined unit of measurement. However, a Point is defined precisely as 72 per inch. Exporting to PNG, JPG, or TIF at 72 Dots Per Inch (DPI) provides an absolute calibration for the design. No need to do any conversions in your head or create extraneous invisible bounding rectangles - simply draw and design with precision. The added complexity of dual resolution content makes the efficiency of this work-flow technique rather crucial.


Or - generate a single web graphic and export native vector SVG. SVG is now fully implemented by all the major browsers. You content is rendered by the browser at the targeted display's full resolution. SVG has the advantage that the browser's zoom feature will expand and display unlimited detail - no bitmap resolution degradation. And, in most cases the SVG file size will be very small, leading to fantastic web site performance. This capability will become invaluable if your web site requires line-art imagery.

Windows Icons

ICO is the windows icon format. This is a supported export format for EazyDraw. Design with the proper color tables which are provided as part of the EazyDraw installation. Draw in vector and export as bitmap with full control over color table, bits per pixel, image size, and transparency (for 32 bit windows formats). EazyDraw provides a perfect bridge from a Mac-Design to Windows-Usage.


Favicon is a special Windows bitmap icon format the is in common us on the world wide web. These are the small icons that are shown next to the http:... web address. Use EazyDraw to create a professional Favicon for your web site. EazyDraw help has all the details and design tips for drawing your icon and getting it installed on your web site.

Export to the ICNS format

Export full icon families in the Mac ICNS format. These may be installed as macOS badges or icons for files and folders. The family of images provide optimum icon quality for all necessary display sizes.

Download demo for macOS Sonoma through Big Sur. Support tab for older versions of macOS.

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