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Export File Formats
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Web Graphics

JPG, TIFF, and PNG are supported for publishing drawings to the World Wide Web. These exports are fully color managed including support for wide gamut P3, sRGB and Adobe color profiles. Specify the color profile in the drawing, by layer, or at export. Full color specification is included in the export file’s metadata.


The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic) format is an open standard vector format specified by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) . It is now supported by all the major web browsers. It is the preferred high resolution (Retina, 4k, 5k) web graphic format. SVG is fully embraced by Adobe as a vector drawing interchange format. EazyDraw’s import and export support provide a round trip work flow inter-app and inter-platform exchange with Adobe and most other graphics applications.


DXF is a full featured vector format ideal for scaled and dimensioned technical drawings, such as home plans. Exchange your plans with builders, architects, and regulatory agency via the DXF drawing format. DXF is the standard format for exchanging drawings between CAD programs on any operating system. EazyDraw supports both import and export of DXF.


If your drawing needs to be sent electronically to an agency, newspaper, publisher, or another printing service you will want to send a high quality format (e.g. 300 DPI) with a reasonable file size (generally excludes bitmap formats). EazyDraw provides professional grade PDF and EPS export support for these purposes. Both TIFF and EPS support RGBA and CMYK process colors, these are needed in any pre-press print work flow.

Process Colors - CMYK

The EPS and TIFF export provide full support for CMYK and RGB (Process) colors. Select and preview with CMYK or RGB. This applies to imported images and vector original content. Process colors are supported for solid fill, gradients, vector hatches and pattern fill. Manage color space on a per-layer or for individual graphics. CMYK, RGB, and Gray Scale are supported. Automatic global "intelegent" conversion between color spaces.

User Interface Assets
Check out the stunning UI of EazyDraw 9. All design assets were created with EazyDraw. This includes icons, images, and cursors with light - dark, 1x - 2X and other variants. Exact, color managed, bit aligned images easily exported directly to xCode asset catalogs. In essence EazyDraw 9 drew itself (Bryce helped).
Favicon Support
Favicon is an ICO file format that is used by browsers to display an icon image associated a web site. With EazyDraw you can create an icon, with vector techniques, then render the icon to a family of images using the Quartz graphic engine. This is all automtic, providing a high quality icon for your web site.
Pro-Grade PDF, EPS
Export full quality PDF files for viewing on any operating system. The EPS export supports color space control and PSFRAG is supported for combining other typeset fragments into EazyDraw graphics that are integrated into a LaTeX document.
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