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Import Graphic Formats
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SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics)

SVG is becoming a well supported open vector graphics exchange format. All major browsers now fully support SVG. Many web sites, such as Wikipedia, embrace SVG and encourage or even require SVG for graphic content. EazyDraw allows you to import and edit this vector content from other platforms (Linux and Windows) other applications (Adobe Illustrator, Canvas) or web sites (Wikipedia, google, w3.org). For more information go to the SVG page.

AutoCad DXF

Full DXF import. Compliant with the specifications for versions 2010LT, 2004, 2000/LT2000, and RT12/LT2. Import layers, hatch patterns, dimensions, arrows, dashed lines, attributed text, symbols, nested groups. All content converted to EazyDraw native constructs.

EazyDraw Retro

A specific version of EazyDraw is needed to open AppleWorks, ClarisDraw, MacDrawPro, MacDrawII, and MacDraw drawings. Check out the Retro Support page for more information. EazyDraw Retro saves drawings in the standard EazyDraw drawing formats (with 32 bit precision). EazyDraw Retro uses a normal version 7 license code, so there is no need for an additional purchase to access your classic drawings.

Edit PDF and EPS

JPG, GIF, and PNG are supported for publishing drawings to the World Wide Web. Calibrated RGB and RGBA colors are supported for TIF and PNG graphics. EazyDraw can be used to package up a few JPG photos, do some cropping and perhaps add some text messages - the export and compress in one step for emailing.

Process Colors - CMYK

Ungroup and fully edit PDf and EPS vector content. This capability allows editing of vector content as native EazyDraw vectors. Works with content obtained from saved files or via the macOS system pasteboard. If editing is not needed, keep the PDF or EPS as a vector image, printed and display images maintain vector quality even under zoom or expanded size.

The World-Your Library
Drag and drop from any web browser directly into EazyDraw. EazyDraw supports import from the commonly used web graphic formats, this means that you have a wide range of readily available content to assist your creative activities.
AppleWorks 6
EazyDraw opens AppleWorks drawings, on all versions of OS X - even Lion. Since EazyDraw has moved to the 64 bit technology (for speed and accuracy), EazyDraw Retro is required now to access AppleWorks and the other Classic drawing formats.
Canvas X Upgrade Path
EazyDraw’s import capability has been optimized for and tested against PDF and SVG drawing files created by Canvas X, on both Windows and Mac platforms. This allows Canvas users a migration path for their existing Canvas drawings. With the relase of EazyDraw version 4.3 and 4.4 Canvas users should have good results moving their drawings to macOS Sierra and EazyDraw.
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