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Vector Brushes
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Fluid Free Hand Sketching

EazyDraw has a set of user interface elements that support fluid sketching with tablet and pen or a normal mouse pointing device. The Brush palette has Use table, a repository for an active set of brushes. These are available for quick single click access. This works with a full featured, easy to program, hot-key tool assignment feature allowing the artist’s free hand to instantly access all creation and editing tools.

Smooth Brush Design Work Flow

The Brushes palette provides an independent scratch pad this holdes completed brush paths in readiness for use as a brush. This means brush paths are created and designed on a standard full featured EazyDraw drawing window, not a limited special functionality view. This solves the logical issue of designing and using brush on a single drawing. All is done with an absolute minimum of mouse clicks and interference with the creative design process.

Several Brush Forms

Several brush methods are supported: Artistic, Stretch, Stretch Between, Proportional, Interval, Sequence, Repeat Sequence, Reflect Sequence, and Cycle. The design tab of the brush palette provides user access to control parameters for each method. The interactive design viewing port provides visual feedback and on-screen interactive controls for convenient access to these settings.

Real Time "Use" table

Two mechanisms provided for archive and interactive access to sets of brushes. The Use table manages an immediate access set of active brushes, select a brush with a single click. Re-arrange and access these for editing and modification with a single click. Archive a single brush or a full set to pList file or as attributes in User Library.

Complex Brushes
A brush path may contain multiple independently styled Bezier paths. Each path may be a simple stroke or a filled and colored shape. Curve-Linear option interpolates and applies straight line brushes to curved master paths. No limitations on design possibilities.
A brush may be defined with transparency (opacity). Sub paths of a complex brush may overlap. Build a brush with overlapping opacities for for powerful effects. Fix the brush color and opacity or allow post design application of style specification.
Cyclic Brushes
EazyDraw’s brush implementation supports precise repetition of waveform curves and paths. With user input the brush path is analyzed for a precise subsection that will produce a continuous cyclical function. For closed master paths (think of an sine wave on an oval) EazyDraw will adjust and synchronize the end and start of the waveform.
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