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Support Policy

Send email to "support" at EazyDraw.com. Mention if your hardware is iPhone, iPad or Mac. It helps to let the support team know your version of the operating system and EazyDraw.

Looking for the solution to opening Intaglio drawings. No problem. The current version of EazyDraw opens SVG drawings saved from Intaglio. SVG is vector exchange format. The imported results are fully editable vector content - continue working just as if you were running Intaglio.

Looking for the solution to opening AppleWorks drawings- click this link EazyDraw Retro for support information. EazyDraw retro runs on PPC processors.

Support requests are usually answered within a few hours. If you don't receive a reply within 12 hours, check your junk mail.

If more urgent assistance is required, call our hot line at +1 608.444.5245, this is a US call to the state of Wisconsin. Support is free but no toll free number is available.

macOS Big Sur, iOS 14, and iPadOS 14

EazyDraw provides full support for macOS Big Sur 10.15, iOS 14, and iPadOS. EazyDraw is signed and Apple verified.

EazyDraw runs on macOS High Sierra, Mojave, Catalina, and Big Sur. Mobile EazyDraw supports iOS 12, iOS 13, and iPadOS. EazyDraw 10 is a universal 2 app, runs native on Apple Silicon (ARM64) and Intel (Intel64). EazyDraw has been a 64 bit App since introduction over 10 years ago.

EazyDraw version 9.0.2 (Retro Version) runs on macOS 10.4.11 and newer to Mojave, but not Catalina or Big Sur. EazyDraw Retro is code signed.

EazyDraw Retro is needed for PICT, AppleWorks, ClarisDraw, MacDrawPro, MacDrawII and MacDraw support.

Only one purchase needed, EazyDraw for macOS. EazyDraw for iOS and iPadOS is free. One macOS purchase provides EazyDraw and EazyDraw retro for all your macs, use the same license code for both versions on all your macOS systems. Mobile download from the App Store provides EazyDraw at no charge for all your iPhones and iPads. Visit the App Store using your iPhone and / or iPad, search for EazyDraw (remember that is with a z). Download to the iPhone or iPad.

Use the new Catalina Finder, Hand Off, or iCloud to move drawings and graphic elements between your Mac and Apple mobile devices.

Touch Bar

All versions (except EazyDraw Retro) support MacBookPro Touch Bar. EazyDraw’s Touch Bar tools are contextual, the presented tools relate to the front drawing window and the geometry of selected graphic(s). We have tried not to duplicate the functionality of the Attributes Bar, instead EazyDraw provides useful additional tool functionality. Per Apple Guidelines the Touch Bar augments and does not replace the common keyboard short-cuts.

Try EazyDraw Help … or … Get the videos

EazyDraw 10 upgrade includes a full re-master of the EazyDraw Help book. This documentation has all new illustrations with amazing retina image resolution, contemporary typeface text, P3 colors. A stunning searchable and richly cross referenced help book at your fingertips.

Get immediate assistance by posing your question to the EazyDraw integrated Help book (access from the Help menu - of course). The search phrase text field is found at the top right of the Help browser window; enter your question here.

The EazyDraw Additions Pack has over 40 video tutorials. This is the best way to learn vector drawing techniques, gain a deeper understanding of macOS user interface conventions, and master EazyDraw. The Video Tutorials page has more details and a synopsis / study guide so you can quickly assess if this might be a valuable resource for your situation.

Classic Drawing Files: AppleWorks and older

App Store versions of EazyDraw do not support AppleWorks drawings. You must use EazyDraw Retro (it is based on older pre-app-store technology) from this web site. See the download button below.

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EazyDraw download is a 70.9 meg 64 bit standard intel binary, runs on High Sierra

The current version of EazyDraw 10.5.2 for macOS 11, 10.15, 10.14 and 10.13. Native support for Intel64 and ARM64 architecture. Universal binary runs native on both Apple Silicon running Big Sur and Intel systems using Big Sur or older versions of macOS.

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Retro Version 9.0.2. Opens AppleWorks, ClarisDraw and MacDraw drawings. Runs on macOS 10.4.11 and newer including Mojave, supports PPC. Does not run on Catalina.

Accepts Version 9 license codes. Runs on macOS 10.4.11 through macOS 10.14. It is, of course, a 32 bit app and will not run on Catalina or subsequent versions of macOS.

AppleWorks Information
EazyDraw Contributions Pack download including Cisco icons for network diagrams
The download is a disk image file (dmg), size is 198 Meg.
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AppleWorks - Use EazyDraw Retro:

EazyDraw Retro is used to access AppleWorks Drawings. It will run macOS version 10.4.11 and newer, including older PowerPC systems. But it will not run on Catalina. Maintain an older Mac or a partition with an older version of macOS to run EazyDraw Retro.

Mobile and macOS versions are separate purchase:

EazyDraw for Mac may be purchased from the Mac App Store or the EazyDraw web site..

EazyDraw Mobile is free. EazyDraw Mobile provided via iOS and iPadOS App Store. EazyDraw Mobile is stand-alone. The Mac version of EazyDraw is not needed in order to purchase or use EazyDraw Mobile. EazyDraw mobile may share drawings with the mac version. Hand-off and other Mac to Mobile technologies are supported, with proper configuration one may even copy a graphic on one device and paste (even perform paste-special operations) to the other device, yes: the system pasteboard is shared.

Versions may co-exist:

You may have more than one version on one computer, they do not interfere with each other. Some care will be needed to launch the correct version. Use Get Info with the macOS Finder to set default version for a double click on a drawing file.

AppleWorks Conversion Video:

Download (with a Ctrl-Click) the AppleWorks Tutorial video for details on installing EazyDraw Retro, opening and editing AppleWorks drawings with EazyDraw.

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