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Note on terms

Keep in mind the World Wide Web is always part of your documentation package. Historically (early 2000's): EazyDraw documentation and the user interface tried to use real-world terminology or terms based on analogies. As technology has infused the real world, we find clarity with reduced use of metaphors and expanded use of technical vocabulary. When learning and using EazyDraw, you may see technical terminology of vector drawing, computer science, CAD, web design, cinematography, and others. Often the correct technical term provides concise specificity. The definition of a good choice for a name is that it will search well on your search engine of choice.

Menu Reference - Start Here

This is the primary link for full detailed documentation of EazyDraw. It is organized by menu reference. This organization follows an efficient tree structure so any aspect of EazyDraw should only take 2-4 mouse clicks to access. Since EazyDraw has a design policy to avoid hidden command and key sequences, there should be a menu reference for any feature.


Follow this link to learn how to use the tool palettes to create the graphic elements of a drawing. These topics are rather basic, but if you are new to vector drawing they will be very helpful.

If you are new to vector drawing, there is a tutorial entitled _DrawingBasics. This will be a helpful companion while studying these Help pages.

Command Line Interface

This is the primary link for documentation of the Command Line Interface, CLI, of EazyDraw. This is a way to use EazyDraw without a Graphic User Interface (GUI). You need to be familiar with a Unix Shell and the macOS Terminal. This is used for batch processing drawing files. Primarily primarily automatic conversion of one graphic file type to another, for example: convert SVG drawings to DXF drawings.