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Scalable Vector Graphics
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Open XML Graphic Format

SVG is an XML (Extensible Markup Language) language for the description of 2d vector graphics. This is an open standard sponsored by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). SVG has wide corporate and platform support, all browsers now support SVG graphics, Adobe was an early sponsor of the format. Microsoft and Apple both embrace the technology. Many open community web sites, such as Wikepedia, support and recommend SVG as their preferred graphic format.

High Quality Web Graphics

ALl web browsers now support SVG. The EazyDraw export was tested against, Safari, Google Chrome, Opera, FireFox, and others. The "EazyDraw 7" graphic above is a svg image (not a jpg or png) overlay on a dual resolution png image background. The svg original file exported from EazyDraw is on our web site and this web page displays the vector svg image with the normal html "img" reference. Use your browser to zoom (Cmd-Plus) and note the vector clarity of the "EazyDraw 7" graphic.

The very bottom of the Scientific Figures web page has a better example compairing SVG to PNG and "@2x" PNG graphics. Click SVG comparison to investigate this example with your current system (best done on a Retina display) and browser.

Retina 4k and 5k Content

The new Retina and 4k display technology is rapidly coming into wide use. SVG is the simplest and best technology to provide crisp eye-catching line art content for a web site. Export EazyDraw vector content to SVG for direct incorporation in a web site, no need for two masters and the "@2x" double files. In most cases the file size will be very small while providing 5k and higer content resolution.

Exchange Drawings With Other Apps and Systems

Many vector drawing applications on different operating systems accept and export SVG. This means for example that you can exchange original artwork colleagues on Windows or Linux. The EazyDraw import and export was tested extensively for successfully interchange with Inkscape on Linux and Windows and Adobe Illustrator on macOS.

Exchange Vector Drawings with Adobe Creative Suite

Adobe Illustrator support SVG for both import and export. This is the best way to exchange drawing files with Illustrator user on Mac or Windows. These are full vector drawings.

Embedded and External Resources

The SVG format supports bitmap images. These can be important for web site design. The SVG format provides for both embedded (binary information contained in the drawing file) and external bitmap resources. External resources are located on the Web or in folders relative to the source file. EazyDraw supports both architectures. External addressing is useful for web sites and other applications where the image content is used by several svg source files. Use EazyDraw to create these shared image resources and integrate them in the project design.

Open Art
It is now possible to find a great deal of contributed open (and on sale) content available in the SVG format. This content when imported is fully editable as EazyDraw original vector content. This makes the world wide web a personal user library.
Wikipedia Contributions
Many online institutions are embracing the advantages of SVG. Wikipedia, for example, now requests (nearly insists) on SVG for all graphic contributions. For example the s-s-S logo and W3C icon on the splash screen to the left were obtained as SVG originals and included "as-is" on this web page.
"Mobile" - Small File Size
EazyDraw supports 6 profiles of the specification from SVG Tiny through SVG 1.1. These profiles were recently added to the specification to support mobile devices with limited computational resources. SVGZ is supported for both import and export.
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