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iPod Blueprint
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Technical Tool Set (top left of screen shot)

This is a tool set for technical drawing. It includes an old favorite, the Auto-line, a simple line with its length shown in a dimension format. Other tools are for drawing orthogonal paths, which may have square, rounded, or 45 deg. corners.

Connectors attach to other graphics at precise (1/4, 1/2, etc) locations. Easily create drawings with full dimensions as are shown on the sample drawing of the classic original iPod.

The Technical Tools palette provides auto dimensioning tools, walls and ribbons, connectors and the auto-line tools. These are tools that are commonly used for dimensioned drawings such as architectural or mechanical drawings. Some of the tools, such as the walls and ribbons (lower portion of this tool palette) are useful for general illustration effects, and detail maps.

Draw to Scale

Select units (cm, mm, inches, points, miles,...) and Scale (1:1, 1/4", 2", ...) for precise convenient drawing. And if you need to change the scale of drawing in progress - all objects are redrawn at their "physical" size, a feature not common to popular priced CAD drawing packages. Each layer may have its own drawing scale allowing detail views and showing "plan" and "elevation" on the same drawing.

Check out the screen shot for the Measuring Tape for an example of a map drawn to scale.

Dimension Palette

Fully control the style and content of each dimension. Set the decimal precision, or chose fraction representation, show units/abbreviations or not, even add your own text to either side of the reported dimension. Use the Comment Dimension to report relevant parametric data (radius, length, perimeter, center, slope, ...).

Or modernize the look of your drawings, all the capability of our Annotated Text formatting are available to dimensions, rotated text, any font/style/color, contour typeset layout, background color, any arrow style, and more.

Architectural scales

Drawing to scale if fully supported. Several predefined scales (e.g. 3/4" or 1/2") are provided or with numeric definition, any scale may be used. It is possible to use different scales for different layers, for example the elevation view may be drawn with one scale and the plan view with another.

Vector Hatch

Vector Hatch is one of four methods provided for filling a graphic shape. A vector hatch is crisp and exact at any viewing resolution. They are built with repeating patterns of line and dashed lines. EazyDraw supports the ISO and ANSI CAD standards for cross hatch patterns, several are built-in and available by name. The Vector Hatch palette has all the capability needed to design your own hatch patterns.

Primary Tool Palette

The Primary Tool palette is shown on the left, the long palette. This is a group of general purpose tools such as the normal selection arrow tool. The Tape tool (top right of the palette) is very useful for technical drawings, it understands the drawing's scale and can be used as a floating cursor, an interactive inspector for graphic positions and sizes, and a very useful on-screen Tape Measure.

In the Measuring tape mode, one may option-drag to interactively measure distances on the drawing, just as one would do on a job site.

Layers Drawer

Independent layers are often required for more complex technical drawings. EazyDraw provides professional level of support for layers. The Layers Drawer provide a convenient method for managing layers, with advanced capability such as Color Modification which allows a tint or transparency to be applied to all graphics on a layer. You will find tools to re-arrange layers and select different visibility/selecting states for all layers on the drawing.

Math Tools

Need a Sine wave? - we have a tool just for that. The Math tool palette has a nice compliment of basic mathematical functions, parabola, cubic, saw-tooth. Use these for perfect transition needs to be drawn or when a particular waveform is needed.


The Arrows palette is used to inspect and manage arrows on lines or curves. It is also controls the arrows on dimensions. Several styles of arrows are available and the parameters on the palette provide full control over the geometry and size of the shape of the arrows.

Apple notarized disk image, App content, contained drivers.

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