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House Plan
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House Plans and Remodeling Drawings

The technical drawing features make EazyDraw ideal for small architectural or landscaping projects. You can draw to scale, the common architectural scales are predefined. The dimensioning makes it easy to document - automatically - sizes and locations right on your drawing. The Graphic Details drawer allows precise numeric entry of scaled sizes (in drawing units - i.e. feet).

Walls Doors and Windows

Drawing tools for these common architectural drawing elements are provided by EazyDraw. These snap together to form proper joints and corners. The form of the ends and thickness of the walls may be specified numerically or interactively.

Great application for Layers

The layers drawer is very useful for this kind of drawing. The screenshot above has a layer for each level of the house plan.

Export DXF

Exchange your plans with builders, architects, and regulatory agency via the DXF drawing format. DXF is the standard format for exchanging drawings between CAD programs on any operating system. EazyDraw supports both import and export of DXF.

Draw to Scale

Drawing to scale if fully supported. Several predefined scales (e.g. 3/4" or 1/2") are provided or with numeric definition, any scale may be used. It is possible to use different scales for different layers, for example the elevation view may be drawn with one scale and the plan view with another.


Easier and quicker drawing techniques are possible with the use of different methods of snapping to other objects or the drawing grid. Automatic - live snapping will locate line ends, vertices, and even intersections of lines or curves. Soft snapping to the grid provides the convenience of grid snapping but the ability to place objects off the grid when necessary.

Layers Drawer

Independent layers are often required for more complex technical drawings. EazyDraw provides professional level of support for layers. The Layers Drawer provide a convenient method for managing layers, with advanced capability such as Color Modification which allows a tint or transparency to be applied to all graphics on a layer. You will find tools to re-arrange layers and select different visibility/selecting states for all layers on the drawing.

Mini Palette

The Color and Style palette is miniaturized. The most commonly used palettes have a "mini" mode which helps conserve valuable screen real estate. Mini palettes are fully user configurable, just drag and drop the label element to re-arrange, add, or remove an element of the palette. Click the maximize icon to return the palette to its normal state.

Independent Fine Scale

Each parameter palette has a independent, user configurable "Fine Scale" which defines the units and precision shown for parameters on the palette. For example, the Dimensions Palette can use a fine scale of Points, even though the drawing uses Feet for units and a drawing scale of 1/4. Fine scale units may be Inches, Millimeters, or Points.

Video Tutorials

Technical drawing using drawing scales can be a become more involved than other graphic design projects. The video tutorial series has several tutorials that relate specifically to these tasks. A little time spent with these learning aids will undoubtedly make your design project with EazyDraw more fun and less frustrating.

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