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Associative Dimensions
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Fully Associative

The length or other parameter reported by a dimension drawing element is associated directly to the target graphic. This automatic behavior is referred to as associative dimensioning by AutoCad and other Cad packages. Simply Explained: if the target is changed in size the reported value automatically updates, showing the correct value. If the target graphic is moved the dimension will move with the target automatically maintaining its position relative to the target.

Autoline Or Full Dimensioning Elements

Simple autoline shows a line with its length in the scaled units of the drawing, use these to document informative specifications on a drawing. Use one of the full dimension graphics which attach to drawing elements (lines, rectangle sides, circles, arcs, etc) and automatically report the exact size of the target element.

Decimal, Fractions, Alternate Units

The form of the dimension may be decimal (e.g. 6.25 feet) or fraction (6 1/4 feet). Precision controls still apply when using fractions. Areas may be reported in the units of the drawing (square feet) or more appropriate units such as acres or square miles, this is chosen independently from the units of the drawing.

User Control of Drawing Style

Full user control is provided for the "style" of the dimension. For example whether or not the numbers are enclosed in a box, or always shown horizontal. Even color, font, font size -- all of macOS normal text characteristics -- may be used to design just the right look for your dimensions.

Automatically Scaled

No need for user scaling or arithmetic. The values reported reflect actual scaled project metrics. Dimension call out format allows inclusion of units or abbreviated units, english, metric, or scientific.

Easy To Use
EazyDraw’s dimensioning capability is significant, but we have tried to keep these advanced drawing elements easy to use. They are created with a simple click and drag, then you simply attach them to the point of interest on a target graphic. A few on-screen controls will let you position the elements (arrows, relief lines and text) for best appearance and readability.
Add Comments
You are free to enter any text, before or after the reported numbers and units, as comments or special instructions for a specific dimension. The added text is typeset with all of macOS typesetting style and font capability. You may even tweak with kerning and baseline adjustments.
Report Properties
The Report Dimension is very flexible. It attaches to any graphic and is used to document a user selected property associated with the drawing element, length, area, perimeter, radius, center, coordinates, and many more.
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