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Logos, Stylized Text
Logo Design
Stylize Text
Curved Text
Distort Characters
Mixed Alphabets
Shaded and Shadowed Text
World Characters
Example of creating a form and filling out an existing form.

"Stroke" Text, Convert to Bezier Path:

Convert any character or group of text to fully editable Bezier paths. Once converted the full graphic editing power of EazyDraw may be used to design the appearance of the individual characters. Fill with gradients, patterns; use independent stroke and fill; or individually edit character shapes - all independent of the system defined font and text system. Invaluable technique for logo design.

Vector Shadows:

Vector drop shadows are provided as an available text attribute, independent of the OS X system soft shadowing that you may be familiar with from other OS X applications. These vector shadows my be crisp or softened, they support transparency and bloom. The big advantage of a vector shadow is that it will scale properly for all uses, and one may apply a full affine transform. The most recognizable example of the affine transform effect is the "Star Wars" receding text presentation, but many other effects are possible using this technique.

Text On A Curve:

Place text on, in or around any graphic shape, as an annotation. You can use this capability to place text stories at any angle with detailed typeset control, kerning, ligature, justification, line spacing, etc. General annotation text will follow a curve with control of offset, direction of flow, character spacing, and mirroring. Interactive editing of the host graphic provides live interactive positioning of the text path.

Use International Character Sets:

The full text system works with all fonts, characters sets, and keyboards support by Apple and OS X. Use any of the international input sources to create the text content, including the friendly Special Characters Palette. Or, use EazyDraw's Graphic Details Drawer to inspect and edit individual characters. Even enter unicode's directly if you are a power user or have a special input need.

Punch Text
Punched text is like reversed text except the characters are fully transparent - not colored. This gives the striking effect of being able to see graphics and images "through" your text. It is accomplished with a single menu click.
Soft Shadows
Apply the same superior quality shadows to your text that the OS X finder uses when shadowing windows and other desk top items. Use either the system font panel or the convenient Graphic Details drawer to choose shadow color, softness, and transparency. Other effects such as stroke and outline are available as well.
Flow Text
Automatically flow and typeset text from any text box to another. Layout pages or columns with more freedom than found in word processing applications. Interactive flow text around graphic shapes, rotate text, or distort for effect.

For Monterey through High Sierra, see support page for other solutions.

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