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Example of creating a form and filling out an existing form.

Draw To Scale:

You may choose a scale for your drawing. The common English and metric scales such as 1/4" and 3m=6cm are provided from a convenient popup menu. Or you may define an arbitrary scale if needed. See the tree house plan example below, it is drawn to a scale of 1 inch equals 2 feet, abbreviated as 1/2"

Automatic Dimensions:

Dimensioning tools are very useful for documenting architectural and landscaping plans. EazyDraw provides a suite of automatic dimensioning tools that you attach to the elements of your drawing. They precisely note the size of the element, in the scale of the drawing. If you resize the element the attached dimension remains attached and the reported size is adjusted. Independently select the units and precision of each dimension. Easily add your own commented text to the reported dimension values.

Organize The Design By Layers:

EazyDraw provides full layer support. Layers may be turned on or off for clarity. Selecting and visibility may be enabled or disabled for each layer. You may even fade or tint a layer to provide useful visual clues when creating a multi-layer design.

Multiple Scales For A Single Drawing:

A single EazyDraw drawing may have more than one drawing scale. Each layer my have a different scale, if needed. This will let you use an unscaled layer for comments or sketches. Or overlay a landscaping plan an aerial photograph, then adjust the photograph and its scale independently to match the desired scale for the project drawing. Another use is to inset a detail at a larger scale than the main drawing.

On-Screen Tape Measure
Detailed on screen live metrics are provided if change from the normal "Arrow" select and edit tool to the live Tape Measure Tool. Option click and drag the mouse to bring up an on-screen live measuring tape. This provides a free-form on screen ruler that you can use to measure distances right on your drawing.
Wall Elements
Use EazyDraw's walls, doors, and windows graphic elements for professional precise architectural drawings. The wall elements automatically snap together and form precise clean corners and intersections. Your dimensioning tools can be configured to report center, inside or outside distances.
Areas and Perimeters
The comment dimension has the ability to automatically report areas and perimeters. You may independently specify the units for area, for example use square yards for a flooring area specification or acres for a landscaping project - even though both projects base units might be feet.

For Monterey through High Sierra, see support page for other solutions.

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house plan drawing on macOS
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