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Additions Pack
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Video Tutorials

The Additions Pack includes a full video tutorial library. This video library is available by download and on USB Flash Drive. They are the easiest way to learn the about vector drawing and EazyDraw. These screen cast demonstrations with detailed instruction are a fun way to quickly gain working knowledge of EazyDraw's capabilities. Learn more on the Video Tutorials page.


The Additions Pack includes all EazyDraw libraries that are available. The User Library capability of EazyDraw lets one package complex graphics as readily accessible symbols or speciality smart drawing tools. The Additions Pack libraries provide pre-drawn graphics ready for you to use in your own drawings. These are big time savers and can give your drawings a professional finished look. For example check out the Network Diagraming libraries.

Layered Vector Maps

The Maps folder includes ten high quality digital vector maps licensed from map resources Inc.. for royalty free use by EazyDraw users. They are layered EazyDraw drawings, so they are simple to edit and configure for your exact needs. Turn on/off layers to show or hide map content such as roads or water features. Zoom in as far as necessary to make precise additions or inspect details.

Worksheet Tutorials

The Additions Pack provides a set of tutorial drawing files. Each of these covers a specific topic or drawing task in great depth. These are more specialized tutorials for some of the more complex issues such as cutting a hole in a graphic, or using a dimension to show the area of an object.

Use as Templates

Use any of the example drawings as a starting template for your own project. Or locate one of the library graphics that is similiar to something needed for your project, then transform the library graphic to your needs. Each library element is a detailed source graphic - ungroup and edit as needed, these are not clip-art-inmages, they are original vector graphics.

Web Color Picker
The Additions Pack includes a free license for WebColorPicker. This is a Hex color picker plugin for the macOS color picker. Includes 3 different color views (the Color Cube is the coolest) and automatic code snippet generator for Objective C, Java and others.
Buy Online
The Additions Pack is available from the secure EazyDraw online store. Click the EazyDraw Store link to purchase by credit card or PayPal. After purchase and email will provide you a download link and password, you will be using the Additions Pack as soon as your order is processed.
Tons of examples
The Examples folder contains a large number of drawings covering a wide range of projects. These are not clip-art-snap-shots, they are fully detailed original source drawing files. So you can open the drawing, fully inspect all details and see the drawing techniques used by the artist. Or use them as a template for the starting point of your own project.
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