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User Libraries
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Encapsulate a Graphic or Group

Any graphic, no matter how complex, may be encapsulated as a user library element. These elements may then be re-used in other drawings with a simple button click, drag-drop, copy-paste, or as a standard creation tool. Each user library has 3 mode of usage, Element, Name, or Tool. Use one mode for creating and managing a library and the Tool mode is usually the best for using a library.

Tool Mode

Change the library to Tool Mode and the graphics that you created become custom tools. User designed tools have the same click drag and create capability as the built-in EazyDraw tools. Design the tool palette by drag-and-drop to rearrange the tools as desired. Full drag and drop support to add your custom tools to other library tool palettes.

Add Colors, Gradients and Other Properties

parameter palette to a library to easily create a single property user button. This works with most EazyDraw parameter palettes, such as dashed lines, arrows, colors, fill patterns... .

This is a clean display of just the selected graphic or group isolated from the rest of the drawing composition.

Three Library Modes

View the library as Graphic, Name, or as Tools. Assign descriptive names to each element. In the name mode, the names of all elements are shown with a large preview of the selected element. In the Graphic mode, all elements are drawn for preview inspection with the name of the selected graphic. In the Tool mode, icons for each element are shown and the library window becomes a normal tool palette.

In the Tool mode, EazyDraw automatically creates an icon, but you can draw your own (using EazyDraw of course) and drag and drop your personalized icon into the library entry.

User Tool Palettes

A customized tool palette is often needed for a particular project or specific user preferences. With EazyDraw you can build a tool palette from scratch, just drag and drop the desired tools as you like on your own custom tool palette. Build it with just what you need in the most convenient positions.

Quick Keys

Quick Keys are similiar to keyboard short-cuts but they do not require command modifier keys. So they are even more efficient, a single one-finger click. Use a schematic keyboard palette to visually assign tools to quick key clicks, using drag and drop, no need for complicated scripts and codes.

Quick Toggle
A customizable toolbar button is provided for quick toggling of Outline Mode. The button icon provides visual confirmation of the current mode of display. Or use the Menu Keys palette to assign a convenient keyboard short cut.
Get Additions Pack
A group of pre-made user libraries are available. They are part of the Additions Pack which is available on the Flash and Boxed versions of EazyDraw. The Contributions Pack has several user libraries available for download at no charge.
Custom Tool Palettes
Standard EazyDraw drawing tools may be dragged and dropped onto a library tool palette. This means that it is trivial to create your own custom user interface. You may even drop an icon graphic of your design onto the library element to use your own button icons.
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