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Mac Technology
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Touch Bar

Users who have MacBookPro late 2016 model have the new contextual Touch Bar just above the keyboard. EazyDraw presents contextual tools on the Touch Bar for improved efficiency and productivity. The presented tools depend on the front drawing window and what is selected in that drawing window. The Touch Bar tools do not duplicate the functionality of the Attributes Bar, instead they provide useful additional tool functionality. Per Apple Guidelines the Touch Bar augments and does not replace the common keyboard short-cuts. This means you can watch the Touch Bar for newly available short cuts and productivity enhancing capability.

macOS Sierra Support

EazyDraw 8 provides full support for macOS version 10.12.x Sierra). EazyDraw 8 will run on OS X version 10.11 (El Capitan) or newwer. Take advantage of this new technology with EazyDraw’s integration of 5k displays, Revisions autosave and more. Full support for the contextual tools Touch Bar .

Retina Display

The entire EazyDraw user interface is dual mastered for optimal appearance on high definition Retina, or standard resolution displays. This is not just a compatibility after thought, each UI graphic has been designed (using EazyDraw of course) on the target media for best clarity, ease of recognition and information conveyance on the display technology in use.

Don't worry if you have a dual (or 3) screen setup. The user interface will update on-the-fly to match each screens capabilities. Check it out: you can see the see the graphics update as you move a drawing window between a Retina and normal resolution screen. Each drawing window will match the host screen (no lowest common resolution compromise).


The EazyDraw App Store versions (8.2.0, which is equivalent to the corresponding Free Market version ) and provides support for iCloud. It is Apple's policy that only App Store programs are allowed to access the iCloud.

Gate Keeper

Mac OS technology provides your system with another layer of security with Gate Keeper. All the App Store versions of EazyDraw are automatically protected with GateKeeper. The Free Market version of EazyDraw is a "signed App" meaning that GateKeeper can determine that your version of EazyDraw is clean, that it is the identified release from EazyDraw, and may safely be used on your Mac.

64 Bit Computing

EazyDraw 8 is a universal 32 /64 bit application. This provides native 64 bit computing on 64 bit (most) processors. As you would expect this provides high numeric accuracy (12-14 digits), but more importantly native 64 bit processing provides the maximum CPU speed.

KeyNote graphics

Create crisp 5k vector graphics for Keynote with EazyDraw. Since both EazyDraw and Keynote are based on the current Mac Operating system technology, you can easily establish a productive, high quality work flow for creating and delivering your presentations. .

On EazyDraw Page Setup, set the virtual printer to Keynote. Next select size and orientation of the slides as your virtual paper size. Make format selections for Drag and Drop or Copy and Paste on the EazyDraw preferences panel. EazyDraw can provide PDF vector content or two-x-Retina PNG format.

Use SVG graphics in you presentations. EazyDraw reads SVG directly, so SVG content may be used and / or edited directly for your presentations.

App Development

Create stunning user interface graphics with EazyDraw. Export Retina 2-X graphics for App (or Web) integration. Export a full iconset with one click.

Built For macOS
EazyDraw is designed exclusively for macOS, it does not run on other operating systems so your Mac experience is not limited by a lowest common denominator. Support is provided all the way back to Tiger (OS X 10.4), yet the full capability of Sierra is supported by EazyDraw 7.
EazyDraw Retro
EazyDraw Retro is provided as a complete solution across all OS X platforms. It will run on Yosemite (OS X 10.10) and older versions beginning with Tiger (OS X 10.4). The Retro version provides support for importing AppleWorks and other classic drawings, PICT support is also provided with EazyDraw Retro. EazyDraw Retro versions are sequenced as 7.0.x. EazyDraw Retro provides support for the older Power PC (PPC) processors.
Works Great With Other OS X Apps
EazyDraw is a full fledged OS X citizen, operating in accordance with latest specifications and OS X technology. This means that you can expect a seamless work flow between your drawing application (EazyDraw) and other applications that are based on this technology, such as Pages and Keynote.
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