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EazyDraw, Example showing technical drawing with automatic dimensions for macOS

Pro-quality Dimension Tools:

Dimension objects with a full set of intuitive dimensioning tools. Everything from a simple "Auto-Line" to a full attached linear dimension. The comment dimensions automatically display diameters, radii, perimeter, area and many other properties.

Units-choose the correct units and scale:

Work in inches, cm, feet-yards or whatever is the natural measure for your drawing. Auto-line is a convenient on-drawing interactive ruler. All data entry and object information is provided in the specified units for the drawing.

Fill or Cross Hatch Patterns:

Any graphic (or defined area) may be filled with a "hatch" pattern. EazyDraw installs a full set of engineering patterns and several more artistic patterns such as bricks, stone, metal, water, ... . These may be used to properly distinguish and document elements of your drawing. Or, use the Pattern Palette to define your own fill pattern, black/white, colors, and transparency with overlay modes are all supported.

Auto Numbering:

A full capability number-labeling panel can save loads of time and produce professional quality technical schematics. A common example of the use of this capability might be the task of numbering the spaces in a drawing of a parking lot. There could easily be 100's of spaces that need a small associated bit of text to show the row and number of the spaces. This is accomplished with a minimum of user input with EazyDraw. Re-numbering is easytoo.

"Right Tool For The Job"
Drawing Rulers
Each drawing may have rulers for convenient reference. The origin, or project reference point is easily adjusted. You may specify the spacing and tick intervals or let them be assigned dynamically and change as you zoom in or out on the drawing.
Numeric Entry
The Graphic Details Inspector is always available. Type in an exact number for precise digital input of size or position. All the accuracy you will need, 64 bit internal math provides up to 12 decimal digits of precision.
Great layers support. Easy color modification - just one click. Every drawing has its own layers drawer. This allows convenient drag and drop of layers across drawings.

For Ventura through High Sierra, see support page for other solutions.

One download and install. Try it out, purchase a license code.

Get 9 Month License, $20
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