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DNA illustration.

Math Function Curves:

The Math Function palette provides over 30 tools to draw precise curves that exactly follow a defined y = f(x) functional relationship. Curves that would be very hard to construct in a free hand fashion with Bezier components are drawn with a simple click and drag. Interactive adjustments are provided with on screen handles so that you may adjust key defining parameters as well as overall position size and rotation.

Precise Numeric Specification:

The Graphic Details drawer provides user input and inspection of all internal variables that define any graphic drawn with EazyDraw. " -- No Hidden Variables -- " Any editing action performed interactively on screen may also be executed in a precise numeric fashion with the Graphic Details user interface.

Math Symbols, Greek Letters:

EazyDraw fully incorporates macOS text, font, encoding, and keyboard technologies. Full Unicode encoding is used for specification of all text. The Graphic Details drawer provides unicode input and inspection access to every character defined for any font. This means that you may use the newest fonts to easily incorporate high quality characters for Greek letters and Math Symbols.

EPS Export:

EazyDraw provides a full professional grade EPS vector format. Limited LaTeX support is provided with the EPS export. This means that your EazyDraw illustrations may be incorporated, with vector quality, into your electronic publication work flow.

Grid Alignment Aids
Major and minor drawing grids may be shown as reference aids and used for snapping. Grid intervals may be defined in a fixed fashion or allowed to dynamically follow changes in zoom state for the drawing. These graph paper grids may be printed or only shown on screen, the X and Y axes intervals need not be the same.
Geometric Guides
Guides may be enabled to provide a snapping action for aligning lines, paths, and axes of symmetry. Parallel and perpendicular orientations are automatically found and shown interactively on-screen. Vertex snapping will co-locate ends, midpoints, and intersections.
Elliptical Arcs and Sectors
Pie and Arc segments may be easily drawn with tools from the primary tool palette. On screen editing handles are provided to create a generalized arc that is a segment of an ellipse with a major and minor radius, rather than a simple circle with only one defined radius.

For macOS Sonoma through Big Sur, see support page for other solutions.

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