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EazyDraw, Example showing technical drawing with automatic dimensions for macOS

Numerous Packaged Shapes:

The flow chart tool panel, which may be installed on the drawing window toolbar, has several predefined shapes that are useful for presentations and flow charts. One mouse click and you have a radius rectangle, a second click-drag and you've got just the look you are after.

All Graphics May Contain Text:

Add text to the interior of any graphic with a simple double click. And Annotation-all graphics also have an annotation text field, this can be on screen or remain off screen as in-depth comment for any graphic element. All the font and text layout capabilities of macOS apply to contained text or annotation text.

Add graphic content:

Liven up the flow chart with a sketch or two. Import and integrate other graphic content from the Web or other sources.

Lots of Arrows and Dashes:

All graphics accept arrows. Easily control the appearance, size, color, shape, position and orientation. Add dashed lines with a simple click of one of our customizable toolbar buttons. Or design a custom dash pattern with the Dashes palette

Great Guides
Turn on Grids and Guides to easily align graphics as you draw. Snap vertices or form up parallel objects. Cloak background graphics to avoid guide clutter. Positioning guides locate intersections (real and virtual), parallel axes and perpendicular lines.
Connectors are Key
Any path can be converted to a connector. These graphic objects will attach to other graphics. As the host graphic is moved the connector follows along. Both a free form and orthogonal path connector lines available.
Integrated with Spell Check and Find
Check spelling of all the distributed text that makes up a typical flow chart. Find will search all text, selected objects, or a layer--one click. Accepted words list is saved with the drawing, this.

For macOS Sonoma through Big Sur, see support page for other solutions.

One download and install. Try it out, purchase a license code.

Get 9-Month License, $20
Flow chart on macOS.
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