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Grids and Guides:

Use EazyDraw's grid capability to create smart graph paper. This provides independent user control over a major and minor grid settings. The horizontal and vertical spacings may be different if needed. The spacing may be fixed at your predefined settings or dynamic and linked to the drawings rulers, in this case the grids will become finer or coarser if you zoom in or out.

Libraries of Conponents:

The EazyDraw Additions Pack has a wide selection of pre-drawn electronic components. They include digital, solid state, active and passive elements. The Ham Radio library provides a great selection of tubes and LRC components that are often absent in many of today's drawing packages. Library elements are easy to add to your drawing, just drag and drop.

Specific Grid Reference Point:

You have full control of the "Snap To" point of any individual graphic or grouped symbol. Specify a unique defined point that is used to specify where a the graphic is positioned relative to the drawing or "graph paper" grid. For example you can specify that the top-left of a rectangle is the point that is snapped to the grid, or use the Snap To palette to change this to the center of the rectangle.

Align Orient and Distribute:

A full range of alignment actions are available to keep the arrangement of graphics cleanly placed and spaced on the drawing. Align centers, edges, tops, bottoms - as needed with a simple menu command. You may customize your toolbar and add this capability as a efficient single button or a smart button menu tool to your toolbar.

Cross Overs
Use Cross-Overs when paths on a schematic need to cross over one another. The cross over indicators may be positioned manually, or automatically. In the automatic mode they are placed at each place a path crosses over another. Several forms such as a jumper or dashed opening are provided
Layer Visibility
You have many options for controlling which layers are visible and the stacking order. Just drag and drop a layer name on the Layers Drawer to change its painting order. Color modification will mask a given layer with an identifying color, shade, or transparency.
Element Numbering
Identification numbers such as (U5, U6, or C1, C2, C3, ....) may be attached to the graphic elements of your drawing. The numbering may be done with a user defined prefix or suffix with logical sequencing. The position of these identification numbers may be automatic or user defined.

For Monterey through High Sierra, see support page for other solutions.

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