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Comics And Cartoons
cartoons drawn with EazyDraw

Have Fun With Ready-Made Art.

A free library of ready made characters, props, and scenes is make it easy to draw comic strips and cartoons on your Mac. The Library approach makes it easy to construct a comic scene. The library elements are essentially smart composite tools that let you conveniently build your own comic strip. The library was drawn by Esa Holopainen, a Finnish cartoonist. His figures are available for free use, commercial use prohibited without the express consent of Mr Holopainen.

Get Creative: Vector Art Is Easy To Morph.

All art components in the Comic Library are provided as original vector art. This means that you may fully edit and express yourself with your personal variations and changes. EazyDraw's user library interface lets you catalogue and save your modifications for convenient re-use.

Output: Web, Print, Email, Keynote, iWork.

Since EazyDraw is a complete vector drawing application, your exported art will look perfect no matter what the ultimate destination might be. The core PDF support lets you send crisp graphics via email, or print at the highest quality possible on your printer. EazyDraw also has exports for all of the current Web graphics formats, GIF, PNG, JPG, and more; the art on your web site will look great on Mac's, PC's, or Linux machines.

Holopainen Library.
Esa Holopainen has provided a library of comic elements. This is provided free with all versions of EazyDraw, it is not necessary to purchase the Additions Pack to get the library. The images are provided for the personal use of licensed EazyDraw users. The images were created by Esa Holopainen who retains all rights for their use. These image and characters may not be used for commercial purposes without the permission of Esa Holopainen.
Fun Way To Learn
Notice the banana peels in young Tyler's comic. He started with the banana from the comic library. This showed him how it was drawn, next he ungrouped the banana and made the changes to "peel" it. A fun way to learn the basic techniques of vector drawing.
More Comics ..
Visit Esa Holopainen's web site Tyrnavan Verikoirat, there are both English and Finnish versions of the comic strips. We also have more of his drawings in our Gallery.
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