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App Development
Retina Support
Splash Screen
UI graphics


Your App's icon will require 10 unique image resources covering 5 sizes and two resolutions. These need to be exported as a set with correct sizes and naming conventions. EazyDraw provides a "virtual printer" that sets up all of these details with a single menu selection. No worries about submission errors.

Screen Shots:

Your Screen Shots are obviously very important. EazyDraw has all the tools needed to help you generate the screen shot. Then use an EazyDraw drawing to prepare and export the screen shot to Apple's precise specifications - exact to the pixel. Of course, all of the screen shots for the EazyDraw web site were designed and produced with EazyDraw.

Splash Screen:

EazyDraw's Page Setup palette supports the concept of a "virtual printer" just for App Development. When this printer is in use, the "Paper Size" menu conveniently provides defined sizes needed for various products (iPhone, iPad, powerbooks, ... ) and screen images. You have a simple menu selection, less chance for set up errors and delays.

UI graphics:

Easily generate stunning vector graphics for your User Interface. Whether it is a standard UI element one a background or image specific to your App, EazyDraw quickly lets you set up your canvas and develop a design concept from the initial quick sketch to the final dual-resolution detailed image.

Export using the best format for your user interface component's design. Exports support transparency or solid color backgrounds. Precisely specify and design to a specific image size, accurate to the pixel. Control anti-aliasing as needed. Export precisely calibrated RGB colors.
Optimise for Retina
Each User Interface graphic is now provided with two images at two resolutions (Dots Per Inch). EazyDraw has all the tools needed for an efficient workflow that will allow re-use of single vector design when appropriate or of similar but unique detailed images when needed.
Calibrated Colors
TIFF and PNG are exported with precise calibrated RGB (Red, Green, Blue) colors. See the bottom of the Web Graphics page for an explanation and test pattern that demonstrates the exact calibration and matching.

For Sonoma through Big Sur, see support page for other solutions.

One download and install. Try it out, purchase a license code.

Get 9-Month License, $20

High-resolution display

As you create your artwork for high-resolution displays, you need to generate multiple image resources. As canvas size decreases the image has fewer pixels for the representation. For example, a "Home" image at 512x512 will have detail, perhaps a front-door and windows with panes. At 32x32 this detailed image would render as a blob of pixels. Your design at this size will have less detail with a simple rectangle for the door and perhaps no windows.

In some cases a single vector design is used over a range of image sizes. For example, a "Button" might be a rather simple circle with a gradient and shadow. In this case as you change export size and DPI, the canvas resolution matching is handled automatically. Here a single design and one drawing may suffice.

As one can see from the above two examples, a user interface element design may involve multiple or a single EazyDraw drawing, but always requires multiple exported images. EazyDraw has the capability to efficiently handle both.

This web page designed, created and published entirely with BBEdit and EazyDraw.
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