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Printed Content
News Letters
News Paper Ads
Table Tents
Church Bulletins
Example of creating a form and filling out an existing form.

Typeset and Position Text:

Use the full typesetting and font management capabilities of your macOS system. Text is typeset in a box that you define, you position and size the text box as needed. Advanced typesetting techniques such as Kerning, Ligature, and Baseline are available to fine-tune for that finished professional look for your printed project.

Publish Hard Copy or Electronic:

Print directly from EazyDraw, publish electronically, or provide files to a the final product publisher. Use PDF to publish electronically and distribute to both Windows and Mac users. EPS is supported for transmittal to newspapers, magazines, or professional printers. EazyDraw is a native macOS application with full support for Apple's printing environment, this means that you can be sure your printed output will reproduce with Postscript vector quality.

Design With Text, Art, and Photos:

Fully produce you final printed product with EazyDraw. Incorporate Text with line art and photos. No need for a word processor and separate layout application. Seamlessly work with, typeset text, photos and scanned content just double click to edit and click to position and orient.

Custom Logos and Fancy Headlines:

Go nuts with the text possibilities. Drop Shadows, distorted shadows and several text stylizing techniques let you dress up a logo or headline for that eye-catching unique look. EazyDraw won't limit or frustrate your creative potential. Or stimulate your imagination by experimenting with these professional grade special effects.

Stretch Text
Text boxes may be interactively stretched. When precise size and position are needed, EazyDraw provides on-screen handles to stretch or compress text in both the horizontal and vertical directions. You can think of this as a interactive fractional font size control.
Page Setup
Coordinate your document size and aspect ratio with the media size, whether it is plain paper or specialized cards. Media size is determined directly from your OS X printer driver. Virtual electronic publishing printers are provided by EazyDraw to completely remove printer constraints when designing for electronic publishing.
Guides and Alignment
Automatic guides make it easy to form clean columns of justified text. Make your publication pleasing to the eye and easy to read. Either use guide snapping while drawing, or the menu driven "Align and Orient" actions to precisely position the elements of your form.

For macOS Sonoma through Big Sur, see support page for other solutions.

One download and install. Try it out, purchase a license code.

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