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macOS Sierra
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Touch Bar

Users who have MacBookPro late 2016 model have the new contextual Touch Bar just above the keyboard. EazyDraw presents contextual tools on the Touch Bar for improved efficiency and productivity. The presented tools depend on the front drawing window and what is selected in that drawing window. The Touch Bar tools do not duplicate the functionality of the Attributes Bar, instead they provide useful additional tool functionality. Per Apple Guidelines the Touch Bar augments and does not replace the common keyboard short-cuts. This means you can watch the Touch Bar for newly available short cuts and productivity enhancing capability.

The View main menu, near the bottom, has Customize Touch Bar menu item. Use this to arrange and personalize the tools presented in your Touch Bar. There are several different Touch Bars that depend on drawing context, to customize each: first make selections (or de-select all) to present the context Touch Bar of interest, then execute the Customize Touch Bar command.

When selecting tools to access and use on the Touch Bar notice that the Touch Bar slider is much larger, more sensitive and more useful than traditional slider inputs on your main screen and driven by the mouse.

There is a full capability color picker available on the Touch Bar. There are three new icons presenting color selection for Outline Color, Fill Color and Text Color. Explore all the functionality. Hue, saturation, brightness, and opacity are presented for responsive smooth (we mean very smooth) accurate adjustment of color components.

Effulgent on Retina

EazyDraw version 8's user interface is optimized for high resolution graphics on the newest Retina 5k technology. All user interface graphics are dual mastered high resolution icons and images.

Code Signed

Version 8 is code signed and runs securely using macOS Gatekeeper technology. Fulk support for iCloud. EazyDraw 8 is 64 bit which provides superior precision and speed. This version has newly redesigned drawing read and write code and user interface, this conforms to the new macOS standards providing a clean efficient user interface and full utilization of multiple processors for great performance opening and saving large complex drawings.

Multi-Screen and Full Screen Mode and Tabs

EazyDraw supports macOS Sierra improved multi-screen with tabs functionality. The main EazyDaaw menu is available on all screens - a seamless integration. Full Screen mode is supported. Computers with the new Touch Bar have a full screen toggle tool on the Touch Bar.

If one screen is Retina-resolution and second is not, EazyDraw is optimized for each screen - automatically. If a drawing is dragged from one screen to the next, all user interface graphics and content is re-drawn to match target screen resolution.


"Revisions" provides a "Time Machine" like user interface that will present a time based history stack of the evolution of a drawing design. Instead of the traditional simple Save, EazyDraw (working closely with macOS 10.11) efficiently saves an independent version of the draing. Each are then conveniently available for recovery or reverting to an earlier design state.

EazyDraw has a new file format that is optimized for read-once-write-many work flow. This is the operational behind-the-scene workflow on macOS. Just about every drawing action is backed up immediately to auto-save recorded files. This file format allows this to proceed with minimal CPU load on separate threads.

iCloud and Sandboxing
The App store version of EazyDraw 7 and later provides full support for iCloud storage of drawings and user libraries. Be certain that you system integrity remains pristine with the added security of Sandboxing. iCloud is only available with the App store version (Apple policy).
64 Bit Computing
EazyDraw version 8.7 and later is a standard 64 bit intel application. Native 64 bit computing. For these new processors running in their native mode provides maximum speed and performance. The improved accuracy (12-14 deciamal places) provides improved accuracy for details, important for CAD, maps, and many other drawing tasks.
File Save
EazyDraw 6 and later has a new drawing format is optimized for frequent write operations. When an addition or edit is made to a drawing, the merged internal and external information is updated and the operating system is alerted of the change. MacOS then monitors total system load and saves changes at the first opportunity of low system use. This is all multi-threaded and makes use of all available CPUs.
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