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Forms- Design or Fill Out
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Example of creating a form and filling out an existing form.

Vector Quality PDF:

You may easily add a PDF form to an EazyDraw drawing. The PDF document is displayed as full quality vector image. This means that the completed form will print and display at the full quality of the original form, suitable for official use and archiving.

Overlay Text and Graphics:

You may easily "fill out" a PDF form by simply overlaying EazyDraw text boxes. Place these boxes where needed and fill in your information. You have full control over the size and position of the text, no need to "fight" with auto-form quirks, just type in your information it is a simple as that.

Archive Completed Forms:

Use EazyDraw's export PDF capability to save a master copy of your completed form -- all in full quality vector PDF, with reasonable file size. Then save the EazyDraw file to use the next time you need to complete this form. Take a tax form for example, next year use a copy of last year's completed form, replace the form with this year's government provided PDF form. If the form changed, you simply adjust the position of your information, no need to re-enter information that did not change.

Create Your Own Forms:

Easily combine text and line art to create your own forms. Since EazyDraw is a full featured drawing application with great text support it is the perfect application environment for creating your own forms. You won't find limitations getting in your way, just put your text where it is needed, sketch in the blanks, lines, and boxes. Print or save as PDF for email distribution.

Save As PDF
Your completed form is saved or printed as full vector quality PDF. It will look great as an email attachment or printed on a 300 dpi printer. And since both the master form and your filled out content are printed as PDF vectors and text, the file size will remain reasonable.
Overlay Layers
You may place the master form on one layer and your completed information on another layer. Then you may use color modification to dim the form so your information is distinguished from that belonging to the form, after completion color modification is turned off with a simple click and the completed form is ready for printing.
Guides and Alignment
Automatic guides make it easy to form nice columns and rows to give your form a clean organized look. Either use guide snapping while drawing, or the menu driven "Align and Orient" actions to precisely position the elements of your form.

For macOS Ventura through High Sierra, see support page for other solutions.

One download and install. Try it out, purchase a license code.

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