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Geometry Inspection
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Inspector With Each Drawing

Each EazyDraw drawing has its own graphic geometry inspector. When a graphic is selected, the contextual inspector displays all defining information for the graphic - the same numerical values that are used to construct the graphic element. Use the inspector to enter new numerical values for each geometric parameter.

Format Control

EazyDraw provides full user control of the format of the size and position metrics. For example, you may choose fractional feet and inches for an architectural drawing, or centimeters for metric work. Decimal formatting is another choice with your selection for decimal precision.

Of course, this applies metric or english - decimal or fractions.

Decimal, Fractions, Alternate Units

The numeric form may be decimal (e.g. 6.25 feet) or fraction (6 1/4 feet). Precision controls still apply when using fractions. Report areas in the units of the drawing (square feet) or more appropriate units such as acres or square miles, this is chosen independently from the units of the drawing.


The display layout of the Graphic Details drawer changes, depending upon the form of the graphic that is selected for inspection. This provides optimum information content with a minimum of screen real estate. This provides an efficient, natural flow of information between you and the application.

No Hidden Variables

The numeric information provided on the Graphic Details drawer is complete, all metrics that EazyDraw uses to define a graphic are available for user inspection and input.

Edit graphics numerically or interactively. But be assured that all defining parameters are available for inspection and editing numerically or interactively on screen.

Automatically Scaled
The numeric values presented by the geometry inspector are fully scaled and defined in the units of the drawing. This means that you enter values naturally, no need to perform "off sheet" multiplications or additions. Any changes of units, scale, or drawing origin are reflected immediately in the numeric values displayed.
Simple Math
Conveniently use basic arithmetic with numeric input. For example, add to an existing value by entering "+ xxxx". Being able to add to or subtract from base values can be a big time saver when specifying position and lengths numerically.
Live Update
While interactively editing a graphic, the numeric values shown on the geometry inspector are updated in real time. This is a great way to view your drawing and the precise metrics of a graphic as it is being edited.
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