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9-Month : $20 Download : $95 Additions : $15
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All Sales are for EazyDraw 10, upgrades at very bottom of this page.

Do I need to pay sales tax?

Short answer: NO. If you live in Wisconsin we pay sales tax on your order. We do not add the tax, as shipping is cheaper for us to Wisconsin customers. Customers who do not live in Wisconsin, US are not required to pay a sales tax. The shipping address you provide is used to determine if we pay the tax.

How do I know my order was successfully placed?

The key confirmation is an email that you receive automatically after completing the transaction. This email is generated automatically and sent to the email address you enter with your contact information. Under normal web traffic conditions you should receive the email in just a few minutes (you may need to click "Get Mail" to get the message from your server.

How long should I wait if I do not get an email confirmation?

Only 10 - 15 minutes. Do not wait a day or two. Most likely the problem is the email you provided has a typing error, or a spam blocker has interfered with the auto reply message. You may want to check you Junk mail filters and see if the message was caught there. EazyDraw is a responsible internet citizen and is not a junk mailer, so this should not happen to our email, but it is possible.

What do I do if the confirmation is not received?

Email, check the support page for a link. You can give us a call 608 444 5245, weekends and evenings or normal business hours CST, US (GMT + 0600). Or you could place another order, checking the email address closely. We will not duplicate your order - the actual credit card charges are all reviewed by live personnel at EazyDraw.

I have been using the demo version of EazyDraw, do I need to download a different file?

Normally not, the demo and the full licensed versions are the same. The only difference is the license code that is provided to you. When the license is entered the full capability of the program is enabled. However, there may be a newer version available. Your email confirmation will identify the current shipping version. be sure to check that this is the one installed on your system.

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