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EazyDraw, Make Drawing Fun on OS-X

EazyDraw Mobile Version 2.0.2 for iOS and iPadOS 15.

EazyDraw a vector drawing application for use on iPads and iPhones running iOS 12 or newer.

The mobile version is a great companion for EazyDraw on the Mac. It is full featured and usable as a stand-alone mobile only App.

Light and Dark Mode

The mobile user interface supports light and dark mode. Set your preferred mode or choose Auto and allow system settings to manage the appearance.

Independently choose the accent color theme for the full user interface.

And - choose the primary color for the App Icon. Set the color to provide best contrast with other frequently used Apps.

Scalable Keyboard

The keyboard has been generalized to provide a full range of input, not just text characters. The Keyboard is used to select colors, or graphics, or angles. This generalization allows a hand help mobile device to provide creative input for full (not just text) communication of your concepts and ideas.

And - get this - the keyboard is scalable and may be positioned at the left, right, or bottom of the screen. See what you are doing, instead of a half screen full of qwerty!

iPad Multitasking

Use the fully adjustable split view sharing with other other multitasking Apps. Or use split view multi tasking to work with two EazyDraw drawings side-by-side. Exchange content using convenient copy and paste assisted with pasteboard history.

Split view supports scalable keyboards with independent context for all active views.

Color Picker

The color picker keyboard has 8 different modes for color selection and inspection. Your drawings are fully color managed, including CMYK and wide gamut P2 RGB.

The most advanced of the color pickers is a color wheel that generates a palette of 20 complimentary and matching colors and shades. Adjust and create the palette of colors by slide, then select any of the colors with a single touch.

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Free App - No ads - No InApp Purchase - No subscription.

EazyDraw for iPadOS and iOS is a free app. There are no in app purchases, no subscriptions and it is free to install from the Apple mobile App Store.

Using your iPhone or iPad, open the App Store. Search for EazyDraw, remember that is with a z. Download and install to your iPhone or iPad.

Use iCloud, iTunes, or the new Big Sur Finder features to exchange drawings between your macOS computer(s) and your mobile devices.


EazyDraw is a vector based drawing application for desk top publishing (DTP) with Apple's macOS operating system. It is an illustration or drawing software application that offers vector-based graphics editing and creation capabilities for creating simple not-photographic drawings, technical diagrams and illustrations such as logos, icons, buttons and stylized art.

Handoff, Copy and Paste across devices

Apple's Hand-off technology is fully supported by EazyDraw for Mac and Mobile. It is as simple as Copy a graphic on your iMac and paste it into the drawing on your iPad or iPhone. One inspector keyboard is devoted to the Paste-board. A thumbnail preview of contents of the paste board are shown. A history of clipboard content is save on the mobile device for convenient re-access. On iPads using iPadOS 13, drag and drop graphics, drawings, or images between other Apps on the iPad (such as the Files App).

Large Library of Graphic Elements

The creative keyboard has 8 sets of keyboards, each keyboard set has 8 tabs to select a specific keyboard of 32 keys. Each Keyboard set is user configurable. Drag and Drop to re-arrange creation graphics and tools for optimum productivity for your project. Each Keyboard set has a recently used keyboard that is also user configurable and may be frozen, cleared, or resumed.

Fully Scalable

EazyDraw Mobile's user interface is scalable across iPhones, iPads, orientations, and iPad Split Screen sizes. User interface elements position and size automatically to provide as much free drawing screen space as possible. Of course an iPad Pro has more room for your drawing to display, but that same drawing may be productively edited on the iPhone you pull from your pocket.

Text input, emoji, symbols

The text keyboard is fully configurable. Any key location on any keyboard may be easily specified by the user. Everything is Unicode. Any Unicode character that is supported by at least one available Font may be used on any of the keyboards. This includes all emoji supported by Apple or a third party font. All math and scientific equation symbols are literally at your finger tip.

Typeface and Font

The user interface and text inspectors support access to any and all fonts installed on the mobile device. Intelegent font mapping is used as drawings transfer to and from the macOS. All the advanced stylization that we use on EazyDraw macOS is supported on EazyDraw mobile: outline, outline and fill, text color, text outline color, outline weight and more.

Color Picker

One full keyboard set is devoted to color picking. Eight different color pickers are available. From simple hex component specification to an advance color wheel. The color wheel provides user selection of a closed set of complimentary and matching color-tone palette of 20 colors, single tap then conveniently selects one of the 20 colors on the palette. Three additional keyboard sets are provided for locking in sets of recent colors, or user defined color palettes. Simply drag and drop a color to assign it to a keyboard key.

Easy to Use - Easy to Own

EazyDraw mobile version for iPhone and iPad is a free app. There are no in app purchases, no subscriptions, and it is a free download in the Apple mobile App Store. EazyDraw for macOS is not free.

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