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Import Graphic Formats
Vector- PDF, EPS, DXF, SVG
Bitmap- TIFF, JPEG
Windows- BMP, ICO
Classic- PICT
MacDraw (II and Pro)
AppleWorks 6
Full Pasteboard support
Example of converting a Claris Draw drawing to a native EazyDraw drawing.

EazyDraw Retro:

A specific version of EazyDraw is needed to open AppleWorks and the other classic drawing formats. Check out the Retro Support page for more information. EazyDraw Retro saves drawings in the standard EazyDraw drawing formats (with 32 bit precision). EazyDraw Retro uses a normal version 5 license code, so there is no need for an additional purchase to access your classic drawings.

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) :

SVG is becoming a well supported open vector graphics exchange format. All major browsers now fully support SVG. Many web sites, such as Wikipedia, embrace SVG and encourage or even require SVG for graphic content. EazyDraw allows you to import and edit this vector content from other platforms (Linux and Windows) other applications (Adobe Illustrator, Canvas) or web sites (Wikipedia, google, w3.org). For more information go to the SVG page.

AutoCad DXF:

Full DXF import. Compliant with the specifications for versions 2010LT, 2004, 2000/LT2000, and RT12/LT2. Import layers, hatch patterns, dimensions, arrows, dashed lines, attributed text, symbols, nested groups. All content converted to EazyDraw native constructs.

Ungroup PDF and EPS:

Ungroup support provided for PDf and EPS vector content. This capability allows editing of vector content as native EazyDraw vectors. Works with content obtained from saved files or via the OS X system pasteboard. If editing is not needed, keep the PDF or EPS as a vector image, printed and display images maintain vector quality even under zoom or expanded size.

The World-Your Library
Drag and drop from any web browser directly into EazyDraw. EazyDraw supports import from the commonly used web graphic formats, this means that you have a wide range of readily available content to assist your creative activities.
AppleWorks 6
EazyDraw opens AppleWorks drawings, on all versions of OS X - even Lion. Since EazyDraw has moved to the 64 bit technology (for speed and accuracy), EazyDraw Retro is required now to access AppleWorks and the other Classic drawing formats.
Canvas X Upgrade Path
EazyDraw's import capability has been optimized for and tested against PDF and SVG drawing files created by Canvas X, on both Windows and Mac platforms. This allows Canvas users a migration path for their existing Canvas drawings. With the relase of EazyDraw version 4.3 and 4.4 Canvas users should have good results moving their drawings to Mac OS X Lion and EazyDraw.

EazyDraw download is 62 Meg, for Yosemite and Mavericks, see support page for other solutions.

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Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF) is the native file format of the Adobe Acrobat family of products. OS X's core graphic's and text processing technology is built on these same PostScript data models. In many ways PDF is the native file format for OS X. The important thing to you the user is that PDF is a vector format, not a bitmap. EazyDraw conserves the vector quality of PDF content that you open or add to an EazyDraw drawing.

Filling Out PDF Forms:

Filling out PDF forms is a task well suited to EazyDraw. Open or include the form in an EazyDraw drawing. Then just type or draw over the included image of the form. If you are familiar with using layers, it is good to place the form on one layer while you draw and type your information on a different layer -- over the form. The technique is great for example when doing your taxes. It is very easy to add your information, you have full control over the placement, size, font or even include circles or x's or other small graphics. If the form changes the next time it is required, remove the old form, add the new one, and do some re-arranging of your information. For more information on this topic go the Forms-Design or Fill Out page.

Edit or Ungroup PDF:

PDF graphics can be converted to native EazyDraw vector content. Ungroup PDF, is used to convert a PDF graphic to a native EazyDraw group of components, Bezier paths, text, and bitmaps. Keep in mind that PDF is a "Pen-Ink to Paper" file format designed primarily for presenting graphic content to printers. This means that while the converted EazyDraw graphics may look the same, they will likely be constructed in inefficient and counter intuitive ways. One should not ungroup PDF content unless it is truly needed.

Working With PICT:

PICT is a legacy (read: old and not well supported) graphic file format common on older, early 1990's applications. EazyDraw provides support for PICT - primarily as a recovery avenue and for working with Microsoft Office and PowerPoint. EazyDraw supports Ungroup for PICT and this can be a valuable tool in recovering and converting old graphic content. While it may not always work fully, many users have successfully recovered some quite elaborate drawing content with this tool. Keep in mind that frequently PICT content is actually a bitmap image in a PICT wrapper. Before investing a lot of time attempting to recover a PICT, try to get a zoomed image and verify that it is a vector PICT, if it is a bitmap converting it will be of no avail. EazyDraw Retro is required for PICT support, with EazyDraw Retro you still have full PICT support (import, print, and ungroup) even on Lion. For more information go the Support page.

Configure Pasteboard Actions:

Use the Copy and Paste order preferences panel to manage how graphic content is pasted into EazyDraw. This is especially important with older applications like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint that do not obey OS X conventions when providing content via the pasteboard. These settings allow you to trick the sending application into providing high quality vector content, or to have EazyDraw actively probe the sending application to provide the best graphic format. This pasteboard control is provided for the management of both copying to EazyDraw and pasting from EazyDraw.

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