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Grids and Guides
Major And Minor Grids
View, Snap, Print Grids
Specify Snap-To Position
Snap Ends, Vertices
Snap Intersections
Any Graphic As Guide
Parallel / Perpendicular
Cloak Graphic
Example of converting a Claris Draw drawing to a native EazyDraw drawing.

Graph Paper Grid:

A Major and Minor grid is available as a drawing aid. Just show, snap or show and snap to the grid. The grids may be printed, or just shown on screen. Across and Down intervals may be different. You may automatically sync grid intervals to the rulers or define them absolute value.

Snap To Point Control:

A graphic or group (symbol) has a unique snap-to-point for grid alignment. You may define this point relative to the graphic element's bounds. The snap to point may be defined numerically or assigned to normal positions such as center, top left, bottom right, etc.

Auto Snap to Vertices and Intersections:

Snap vertices will automatically seek and position coinciding end points, mid points, corners, centers and other geometrical unique positions associated with a graphic. Vertex snapping will also locate and position at intersections of both lines and free curves. This is highly optimized and performed "live" as graphics are moved or edited.

Print - Or Not:

The grids may be included in printed results or used only on the screen display. Control is provided to show the grid above (in-front-of) or below (in-back-of) the drawing content.

Very Smart Guides
Any graphic may act as a "guide" when positioning other graphics. The guide search and alignment is highly optimized and is performed live as graphics are moved, rotated, or edited. Intersection, parallel, perpendicular, and coincidence orientations are indicated and "snapped-to" as you move or edit a graphic.
Works With Rulers
Grids may be defined statically or dynamically linked to the drawing rulers. When dynamic, the major and minor grids align with the major intervals and tick marks of the rulers. This assignment is dynamic and will follow zoom-in for detail work.
Pick Grid Colors
You may use any color or line weight for your drawing grid. Grid opacity is supported. Grids may be drawn over your graphics or behind them

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