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Apple Works and Intaglio
Intaglio Import
AppleWorks 6 Import
MacDrawII Import
MacDrawPro Import
Claris Draw Import
PICT Import - and Ungroup
Example of converting a Claris Draw drawing to a native EazyDraw drawing.

Recover Intaglio Drawings

EazyDraw directly opens Intaglio version 3.9.5 drawings. The Intaglio (from Purgatory Software Developer) content is interpreted as editable vector content. The conversion captures Arrow, Dashed Lines, Colors, Fill and Stroke, Drawing Scale, Drawing Grids and more. The conversion provides a solution to conserve layers and scaled numeric dimensions. EazyDraw feature set is adapted to include all aspects of the Intaglio user interface, of course the are numerous additional drawing features provided by EazyDraw.

Apple Works:

Apple has dropped support for AppleWorks, a great classic application whose time has passed. Apple's new proprietary workflow offering is the iWork suite. These Apps do not provide a drawing application. Many users migrating to iWork have found EazyDraw to be the perfect solution for their drawing needs. In response to this trend, EazyDraw now offers a full import of AppleWorks 6 drawings. Since the iWork applications and EazyDraw are founded on the Cocoa technology, EazyDraw works as a full fledged team player, finishing out the Dream Workflow of the future. More Info: AppleWorks Import .

Import the Classic Mac Drawing Files:

EazyDraw now supports full import of AppleWorks 6, Claris Draw, MacDrawII, MacDrawPro and PICT files. All vector information, patterns, colors, gradients, groups, layers and rotated object, are supported by the import.

Full support is provided for import and editing of PICT images and files. PICT content may be converted to EazyDraw vector graphics. The conversion conserves vector information, fully attributed text, as well as embedded bitmap images.

Screen Shot
The screen shot to the left shows a Claris Draw import result. The back window is a ClarisDraw window running in the Classic Mode on OS X. The drawing was created with Claris Draw. The forward window shows the same file imported into EazyDraw running native OS X.
EazyDraw Retro
EazyDraw Retro (version 4.0.3) is now used to access these classic drawing formats. The full 64 bit Lion version of EazyDraw does not support AppelWorks (or the other classic formats). But only one purchase is required, your version 4 license is all that is needed to use EazyDraw Retro. The Support page has more information on this topic.
Move up - Keep Working
Our full import of all the information in these classic Mac graphic files will make your migration to the newer workflows a pleasant experience. All you'll need to do is use EazyDraw to make your next revisions to your existing classic drawings.

EazyDraw download is 164.2 Meg, for macOS Sonoma through Big Sur, see support page for other solutions.

One download and install. Try it out, purchase a license code.

Get 9-Month License, $20
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