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Open Intaglio drawing for conversion from Purgatory Design propietary format.
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Intaglio is a legacy drawing format used on macOS from 2004 to 2015. The file extension is ".intaglio" The drawing file is a macOS container. The container encloses an extended SVG human-readable text file with XML formatting, bitmap images if present, and a binary file. EazyDraw interprets the SVG including, most intaglio extensions such as arrow shape, drawing scale, and other attributes. EazyDraw utilized all referenced external graphic images, which are internal to the container.

Use the standard Open command found on the EazyDraw File main menu, near the top, to open Intaglio drawings. The EazyDraw Open command automatically recognizes and enables drawing files of all types understood by EazyDraw.

EazyDraw follows current macOS user interface guidelines and does not have a specific import function. The Open command is a universal function automatically enabling all files supported, including both native EazyDraw drawings, public graphic files such as PNG, PDF, SVG, and other proprietary formats.

Use Intaglio version 3.9.5 to save drawings to access with EazyDraw. It is essential to upgrade to this last version of Intaglio. This version of Intaglio has added metadata information understood by the EazyDraw conversion software.

Execute the EazyDraw Open command, then navigate to the target Intaglio (3.9.5) drawing. Select the drawing and click Open. The conversion is automatic. EazyDraw creates a new drawing, ready for editing. Grouped content in Intaglio is grouped in EazyDraw. Use Ungroup to access and edit your converted drawing.

An Intaglio drawing (from Intaglio version 3.9.5) is a macOS container, which is a Finder folder, another term for a Unix directory. The Finder and macOS applications treat these Container/folders as a single file. Access the container with a control-click on the file icon then choose Show-Contents. An SVG drawing file is stored in the Intaglio container. You may copy or move this SVG file to a new location, outside the container, and open the SVG file with EazyDraw. This is an alternate method to perform the conversion. This approach is tedious and not necessary. If the Intaglio drawing contains graphic images, such as PNG, these images are saved external to the SVG file, in the container. Use this approach to access your images directly.

Intaglio implemented scaled drawings using specialized rulers. EazyDraw also supports scaled drawings. EazyDraw understands the technical ruler information and converts this information to a corresponding EazyDraw drawing scale. This should be automatic. Do not try to further scale the imported drawing; All should be correct simply by opening the drawing. Confirm using EazyDraw reported Graphic Details, EazyDraw rulers, and information presented on the Scale palette.

Grid spacing, settings, and color are read from the Intaglio drawing and restored in the EazyDraw drawing.

The EazyDraw conversion understands Intaglio Arrows. Intaglio Arrows are converted to corresponding EazyDraw Arrows, conserving shapes and sizes. The converted arrows may be edited in size, shape, and color using the Arrow palette in EazyDraw. All Intaglio arrow shapes are supported; the EazyDraw arrows palette provides many other arrow shapes and additional arrow editing capability such as adjusting arrow tip angle.

Several Intaglio graphic forms are detected and promoted to their EazyDraw graphic construct: Rounded Rectangles, Rectangles, Polygons are conserved. Gradients are imported and conserved.

The EazyDraw conversion cannot detect Intaglio Layers. Intaglio has flattened layers before saving to SVG. The SVG format does not formally define support for layers. EazyDraw does have a technique to support transfer conserving layers if you still have access to Intaglio 3.9.5. Before saving the Intaglio drawing, group all graphics on each layer. If all layers have one top-level group and no individual graphics, EazyDraw interprets these top-level groups as layers and creates a layer for each top level group in the new EazyDraw drawing. It is still necessary to restore names for the layers, but the important, often complex, the layer structure is conserved in the converted EazyDraw drawing.

Intaglio 3.9.5 has an export SVG function. EazyDraw can open an SVG drawing exported from Intaglio. This is not the best workflow for converting Intaglio drawings. The exported SVG file does not conatain the Intaglio metadata information used by EazyDraw. Better results are possible by opening the native Intaglio drawing file.

Note: If an Intaglio drawing is exported as SVG, the layer Information is present and detectable by EazyDraw. However, the exported SVG version is missing many other attributes such as Arrowheads, Grids, Scale, and more.

EazyDraw provides a method to reconstruct Intaglio Dimensions. Intaglio content loses information that identifies Auto Lines, which are also called Dimensions. Intaglio records a line with two arrows, without indicating that the line should be a Dimension. Even though the Dimension information is missing, the two arrows and their specific shape are a useable, reliable marker for Dimensions. Use the EazyDraw Match function to select this marker, then convert the Lines to Auto-Lines. After conversion, select one of the dimension lines, use Match (found on Edit menu), select to match Arrow attribute, click Match, all dimension lines are then selected, perform Tools->Convert To->Auto Line. All dimensions are restored with one action. Advanced Tip: study Defaults Condensed, then set defaults for Dimensions on the Dimensions palette, then all the new Auto Lines will reflect your choice for dimension format, accuracy, appearance, and other attributes.

SVG Pixels is an EazyDraw parameter setting accessed from EazyDraw Preferences. Intaglio saves drawings at 72 pixels per inch. It is necessary to use 72 Pixels Per Inch, EazyDraw Preference setting, to accurately import Intaglio drawings. The correct setting for SVG Pixels is especially important for scaled technical drawings. Note that choosing a higher value, such as 96 Pixels Per Inch, does not improve the accuracy or resolution of an SVG drawing. SVG is a vector format; the Pixels Per Inch setting does not increase or decrease image resolution.

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EazyDraw can open Intaglio drawings on the newest versions of macOS, 64 bit CPUs, Apple, and Intel silicon. EazyDraw does not need to be running on a macOS running Intaglio.

EazyDraw can automatically open an Intaglio drawing when double-clicked in the Finder. Select an Intaglio drawing from the Finder, perform Get Info (Cmd-I), expand the Open With section, choose EazyDraw from the popup menu, click the Change All button.

Intaglio does not, and should not, be installed on a macOS version newer than macOS 10.13. EazyDraw registers with macOS as a supporting editor of Intaglio files. The EazyDraw App has Intaglio icons and other information used by macOS to identify Intaglio drawing container files.

EazyDraw version 10.7.1 or newer is required for Intaglio support. This version of EazyDraw runs on macOS 10.13 and newer. Intaglio 3.9.5 can run on macOS 10.13 and older, but not newer versions of macOS. This makes macOS 10.13, EazyDraw 10, and Intaglio 3.9.5 a magic conbination for converting Intaglio drawings. Intaglio and EazyDraw may run at the same time on the macOS partion. Keep in mind, that macOS 10.13 is not needed, nor is a running version of Intaglio needed to convert drawings to EazyDraw and subsequent other file formats. EazyDraw alone is sufficient to convert drawings saved from Intaglio 3.9.5.