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CD and DVD Artwork
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DVD Artwork
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Design CD lablels, Packaging and artwrok with Eazydraw

Design With Photos:

Easily incorporate photos or scanned images with your Design. Simply drop the photo on your EazyDraw drawing, then resize or crop as needed.

Titles On Curves:

Orient text on curves or angles with the "annotation" capability of EazyDraw. Fully typeset your oriented text, all of your Mac's advanced type layout capability may be used to properly space and tweak the appearance of your titles.

Printing and Non-Printing Guides:

Use precisely positioned guide lines, lines curves or circles. You can design with the proper units for your production needs (cm, inches, points, etc.). The guides may be hair-lines, dashed,or appropriately colored.

Print Yourself Or Provide To Outside Service:

You may print directly from EazyDraw to your home CD printing method. OS X's technology foundations assures that any capability supported by your printer can be used with EazyDraw. Or export as EPS or PDF for use by a professional publisher, these formats provide the highest quality graphics with reasonable file sizes and are normally preferred by electronic publishers.

Page Setup
The Page Setup user interface is configured dynamically from information supplied by your printer.
Integrate Bitmap Images
Incorporate photos, scanned images, or generic clip art with your vector drawing. EazyDraw provides a wide selection of tools to design with these "clips" and make them an integral part of your drawing.
Stylize Text
EazyDraw's text interface supports a wide selection of text styling techniques, stroke, outline, hard and soft shadows. Typeset text may be converted to Bezier curves for individual character design and precise positioning and aspect adjustment.

For Monterey through High Sierra, see support page for other solutions.

One download and install. Try it out, purchase a license code.

Get 9 Month License, $20
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